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Angelspit - Carbon Beauty REMIX Bundle

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AUD $26.50 Inc GST

Angelspit - Carbon Beauty REMIX Bundle

Date Added: February 22nd, 2011

CD orders will ship on March 8.

This Angelspit REMIX CD Bundle includes:



Style: Cyber Punk / Industrial
Cat No. MET703
Released: March 8, 2011
Label: Black Pill Red Pill / Metropolis Records

Cyberpunk duo Angelspit launch a full-frontal assault with the release of Carbon Beauty, the second installment in Angelspit’s Hideous and Perfect remix series, through Metropolis Records.

"We told contributing artists to make the most savage and pounding remixes possible," says Angelspit’s ZooG, "resulting in 10 tracks guaranteed to splinter dance floors and cause bodily hemorrhage." The contributing artist line-up includes tweaker, 16 Volt, Ego Likeness, Baal, Dope Stars Inc. and more.

Angelspit also brings three exclusive tracks to the album, featuring guest musicians Valerie Gentile (Black Tape for a Blue Girl) and Chris Kling (Hanzel und Gretyl, Mortiis). The album will also include a stunning visual element, with artwork and photography shot by Helen White.

Angelspit will "smash a stake through heart of God" again with a brand new music video for Hideous and Perfect track "Ditch the Rest," directed by Thomas Marcusson, Stephanie Rajalingam and Ole Magnus Saxegard. The video will be released in conjunction time as Carbon Beauty, along with an accompanying music video for the Carbon Beauty track "Toxic Girl," directed by Tamas Mesmer.

"Carbon Beauty is an exercise in brutality," says ZooG. "Angelspit is hell-bent on waking Punk from its slumber."


-- PLUS -- 



Style: Cyber Punk / Industrial
Cat No. MET682
UPC Barcode: 782388068222
Released: October 12, 2010
Label: Black Pill Red Pill / Metropolis Records

Angelspit's new remix CD "Larva Pupa Tank Coffin" mutilates the darker side of Electro with 4 new tracks and 7 remixes (3 by Angelspit) giving a deadly 11 track remix CD.

Angelspit has once again produced stunning and elaborate artwork with help of Australia's leading fashion Photography crew (Photography: Helen White, Makeup: Karen Hopwood, Hair: Lyndall Vile & Lynn Nguyen, Photo shoot Assistance: Warren Beaton, Clare Beaton, Garrick Charter, Brad Wylie, Hugh Burley,Tama & Sasha (Outsight). Shot at the massive Studio Kite in Sydney Australia.

The remix CD will also be accompanied by a new video for the track "Sleep Now" by Thomas Marcusson, Stephanie Rajalingam and Ole Magnus Saxegard.

Remixers include Australia's veteran Electro-Industrial master Dave Foreman (Tankt), US/European Electro wizard Mark Knight (Cage 23), and Koe Soleil's mix of Harsh Euro-Electro and Visual Kei (Noir du'Solei). Combined with Angelspit's self-massacred remixes, "Larva Pupa Tank Coffin" is guaranteed to make you bleed. 

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